Hitting the reset button

Hello to the Internet, and welcome to my blog!

This is my “just get going” post to kick-start my writing habit (inspired by Anne-Laure at Ness Labs).

Over the years, I’ve tried many different “side hustles,” and this isn’t my first blog. I’ve been chasing the shiny object syndrome for a long time and haven’t committed to one course of action for a long period.

I’m going to change that this year.

There’s no specific agenda, sales, or “SEO” plan (looks like Google has sunk all blogs anyway). So, I’m just going to write and connect with people. If people enjoy reading my writing, I’ll keep writing!

Who Am I?

Let me introduce myself—I’m a 30-something working professional (sorry, I need to be vague due to my day job commitments).

I did ok at school and selected my university degree based on a sibling’s choice. I had no idea what I wanted to do, and even today I still somewhat have a tinge of regret choosing the career that I have.

But the problem is I also don’t know what career path I would have been satisfied with.

My job pays well, but I literally have no interest in it. I show up, keep my head down, do my job, and get the hell out of there every day. #QuietQuitting, anyone?

Outside of work, I love going to the gym, am a massive nerd (anime, gaming, tech, all that cool stuff!), and about to become a father for the first time!

What’s My Why?

I absolutely hated English class at school. It was by far my worst subject, and I have a very logical/mathematical brain.

So why put myself through the paces and start a writing habit?

Well, I hope this habit helps me clarify and organise my thoughts and that it helps me become a better communicator.

The other reason I started this blog is to document my parenthood journey. I’m hoping that it becomes a diary into my mind for my child to look back on and see how I made the decisions that I have.

What Am I Going To Write About?

With all that background stuff out of the way, what the heck will this blog focus on? In short:

  • Productivity – get stuff done efficiently
  • Investing – making money
  • Lifestyle Design / FIRE – living your best life and how to spend all that money! 🤪

Looking at my Kindle and Reader apps, I guess you could say that I’m quite interested in these topics.

I have a big bank of content ideas, and I’ll delve more into each one in subsequent weeks. I’m sure the topics will expand as I continue to write.

Key Action This Week

Just get started. As Lao Tzu said, a thousand-mile journey begins with one step.

That’s it for this week – one down, many to go! If you’d like to connect / chat / provide feedback, hit me up on X!

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