Hi, I’m Marshie!

In this blog, I share my journey to FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). Along with my day job as a finance analyst, I am trying to accelerate the process by also building online businesses and earning money online.

I’ll try not to be an echo chamber of the 101 personal finance blogs on the Internet. I’ll capture all the difficult moments I am facing during my path to Financial Independence. Hopefully, this information will be useful to someone who is on the FIRE journey.

You can read about my initial goals and how I planned to achieve them in my very first blog post.

Why Should You Read The Lifestyle Alchemist

I don’t believe the path to financial freedom is not linear. I am open to trying new ideas to achieve my goals and for that reason, I focus on a huge range of topics!

  • Earning more money… (in a smart and sensible way)
  • Spending a little less… (you still need to live a little in the now)
  • Investing wisely… (real estate, stocks, bonds, P2P lenders, ISAs)
  • Financial freedom and flexibility… (however you define this!)

I don’t believe you need to wait until you’ve got a large sum of money in investments before you are “happy” or can “retire”. Sure the financial security will lower stress levels and help me sleep better at night, so I’m trying to find the right balance that works for me!

Along the way, I’ll also discuss topics like lifestyle design, travel, entrepreneurship, personal development, and any other topic that I’m really interested in at the time! As well as the content on my site, I recommend the following books which really helped me when I first got started on this journey!

As with anything important in life, check with a professional – and preferably get multiple opinions, because even paid professionals can be wrong too!